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Roll the Dice Trials

There will always be the person who is determined to win "the big one" by judiciously studying the values of the ball numbers in previous drawings.  Perhaps it's you.

There are only 36 possible arrangements of the pip values on a pair of dice.  Compare that with the 13,983,816 possible combinations in the typical 6 balls from 49 lottery game!  If a Lottery game is drawn twice a week, then that's about 104 times per year.  Suppose you get a list of 100 Drawn Ball sets to study, to analyze, to see if you can determine any possible ball number or numbers that will be drawn the next time around.

The only thing you will discover is that the previous drawings resulted in random number combinations where one (or any) drawing has absolutely no bearing whatsoever on the next drawing!  Your list, anyone's list, is veritable proof of The Law of Independent Trials.

As we have stated elsewhere, the lottery balls are as dumb as doorknobs!  They lack consciousness & conscience.  They have no knowledge of what they did last drawing and they have no sense of obligation to roll down the chute in the next drawing.  Any one drawing is entirely independent of the next.  The Law of Independent Trials states that regardless of the outcome of similar previous events, the next time the event (trial or drawing) occurs, it will be independent of the previous one.  This is true for coin flips, dice rolls, roulette wheels, and lotteries.

For your 'edu-tainment' we present our Dice Roll Trials.  Roll the dice 100 times, study the resulting statistics, tables, & graphs.  Do your best to predict the outcome of the next roll.

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1:5     2:5     3:5     4:5     5:5     6:5

1:6     2:6     3:6     4:6     5:6     6:6

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