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Rejection Trials Analyzer

The odds are incredibly stacked against you
for all the Drawn Ball numbers matching the numbers you have picked.
... But what are the chances that you can pick a few numbers that won't be drawn?!?

Can I make a huge improvement in the odds?!?

Rejecting a certain quantity of balls from the Lottery machine can significantly improve the odds of the Drawn Balls matching your picked numbers.

For example, in the popular 6 of 49 game, by reducing the quantity of ball numbers from 49 to just 43, that is, rejecting 6 ball numbers, you change the Jackpot odds from 13,983,816  to  6,096,454.

That's really significant!   You are now playing a 6 of 43 game instead of the old 6 of 49 game.   The odds are now less than half of what they were originally!  (actually less than 44%!)

If you want to experiment with changing the odds by rejecting ball numbers, you can use our Lottery Odds Calculator, and then come back here to see if your rejections are risk-worthy while still enabling you to hit the big Jackpot.

For example, look at the Powerball odds (5 of 59 + 1 of 35); and see how they change if it were 5 of 54 + 1 of 35!

Using the Rejection Trials Analyzer here & the Powerball example from above, you would select the 5 balls from 59 Game Type.  Then you would enter 5 for the Rejected Balls Quantity.  We're deliberately ignoring the solitary Powerball.

Try 1,000 iterations.

Like coin-flipping trials, the more trials (iterations), the closer you get to the expected average.  You should see about a 60% chance that your rejections, regardless of what they actually may be, will all be good.  The chance of 1 of the 5 Rejections being bad should happen about a third of the time (+/-33%).

This utility demonstrates/simulates what you can expect by rejecting a certain quantity of ball numbers before you have one of our Lucky Lottery Machines select your picked numbers.  Hopefully, it will prove to be an important tool in developing your Lottery strategy!

This utility starts with a random set of 5 or 6 drawn balls and then looks for how often the Rejections might contain one or more of the numbers matching one or more Drawn Ball's number.  The Results show the corresponding percentages for making a bad rejection.  The more numbers you reject from the pool of Lottery numbers, the greater the percentage chance you have of reducing your chance of winning the Jackpot.

Even one bad rejection eliminates any chance you have of winning the 'Big One', but if there's a 50-50 chance (or +/-40% or whatever substantial percent chance) that rejecting some numbers will vastly improve the odds in your favor, then that's a chance you might be willing to take.

For those interested in 'Wheeling' picked numbers, this utility clearly shows what a fool hardy venture that can be.

For example, in the popular 6/49 Lotto, people 'wheel' 10, 12, 15 numbers or so.  A 15-number wheel actually means that the 'wheeler' is rejecting 34 other possible numbers (49 - 15 = 34).

Run this utility to see how significantly the 'wheel' player has reduced the chances of hitting the Jackpot!  This utility only considers a maximum of 45 rejections.  Try it for the 6/49 Lotto... with 34 rejections, say for 1,000 iterations.

You will see that the 'wheel' player will have well over a 90%chance of eliminating every possible opportunity of winning anything at all!  (Add the percentages for 6 Bad, 5 Bad, 4 Bad, & 3 Bad.)  Playing lottery wheels of fewer than 15 numbers, means even more rejections, such as a 10-number wheel means that the 'wheeler' has rejected 39 possible numbers!

What this means, is that in rejecting too many numbers, you almost guarantee that you have eliminated any opportunity for winning the Jackpot!

Seriously, what do you play the Lottery for anyway?  Some insignificant 3rd or 4th tier 'prize'?

Rejecting a few numbers vastly improves the odds in the lottery player's favor... even though there's a chance you may have a bad rejection now & then, but it will never be as awful as the chances a person playing a lottery wheel has.

But... on the other hand, you have proven to yourself, time and again, that you are a wizard at selecting numbers that don't match the Drawn Ball numbers, right?

Experiment with the Rejections feature of our Lucky Lottery machines... and see for yourself what a difference it makes in picking the winners!

Game Types & Parameters

: Select a Lottery Game Type.

: Enter the Rejected Balls Quantity.

: Enter the quantity of times to test (iterations).

            : Iterations

Randomly Rejected Ball Numbers:

rejects hits perCent
0 Bad   High percents here are good!
1 Bad   Good-Bye Jackpot!
2 Bad   Third tier prizes at best!
3 Bad   High percents here are risky!
4 Bad   Dismal chances if high percents!
5 Bad   Just as bad!
6 Bad   obviously the worst situation!

Questions?  Comments?

If you are experiencing difficulties using our Rejection Trials Analyzer, please send in an email, the parameters you are using, along with any other comments, questions, or suggestions you may have.