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Pick 4
Card 01

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See Pick 4 instructions below.
Always popular, Pick 4,
is played in:
Arkansas Cash 4,
California Daily 4
Connecticut Play 4
Delaware Play 4
Dist. of Col. DC 4
Florida Play 4
Georgia Cash 4
Illinois Pick 4
Indiana Daily 4
Iowa Pick 4
Kentucky Pick 4
Louisiana Pick 4
Maine Pick 4
Maryland Pick 4
Michigan Daily 4
Missouri Pick 4
New Hampshire Pick 4
New Jersey Pick 4
New York Win 4
Ohio Pick 4
Oregon Pick 4
Pennsylvania Big 4
Puerto Rico Pega 4
Rhode Island The Numbers
South Carolina Pick 4
Tennessee Cash 4
Texas Daily 4
Vermont Pick 4
Virginia Pick 4
Virgin Islands Pick 4
West Virginia Daily 4
Wisconsin Pick 4
Lucky Thou
Lucky Hund
Lucky Tens
Lucky Ones

Any Combo Singles Only
Thou Hund Tens Ones Play

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Summary of 0 Boards
Thou Hund Tens Ones Play
 0= 0  0= 0  0= 0  0= 0  ST= 0
 1= 0  1= 0  1= 0  1= 0  BX= 0
 2= 0  2= 0  2= 0  2= 0  SB= 0
 3= 0  3= 0  3= 0  3= 0  FP= 0
 4= 0  4= 0  4= 0  4= 0  MP= 0
 5= 0  5= 0  5= 0  5= 0  BP= 0
 6= 0  6= 0  6= 0  6= 0  F3= 0
 7= 0  7= 0  7= 0  7= 0  B3=  
 8= 0  8= 0  8= 0  8= 0  CB=  
 9= 0  9= 0  9= 0  9= 0    
Avgerage Occurrence 0.0

Pick 4 Basic Instuctions: 'How to Play'
  • Click on the 'Pick a Single Board' button to pick one board at a time.
  • Click on the 'Fill Card with Picks' button to fill out the card with picks.
  • When a card is filled out/up, a fresh card is automatically started on the next button click.
  • The 'Pick per Set Up' button will pick as many boards as you designate after you have used the Set Up button up in the blue Menu Bar.
  • The 'Pick All' button will pick a total of 10 boards by picking each ball number only one time out of each machine. 
  • If you 'Shuffle Thou, Hund, Tens, & Ones' the 'Capture Shuffle to Results' button becomes active.  You get only ONE opportunity to put the arrangement of shuffled numbers into Your Results.  A mouse-click on the 'Capture Shuffle to Results' button opens a message box for you to decide to save or abandon the arrangement.  Why would you use Shuffle & Capture?   The answer is that a Lottery wheel has been created where each digit is used 4 times over the span of 10 boards.  Neat, eh?
  • Click on 'Your Results' whenever you like to see the accumulation of your Lucky Pick 4 picks.
    Hint:  Copy & Paste 'Your Results' into a word processor file (Word Pad works very well!),
    - Use a mono-spaced type-font like Courier so that the numbers line up nicely.
    - Create (if you haven't done so already) a folder named "lotteryPicks".
    - Save the file with a name like "p4_ +(today's date)+ .doc".   For example:  "p4_.doc"

    After the Lotto Drawing:
    - Open your saved file.
    - Select and Copy just the picked number list (with the Card Numbers & Letters).
    - Paste it into our amazing Picked Lottery Number Analyzer!
  • Put a checkmark in the Check to SORT Results checkbox if you want to see, copy, or print Your Results sorted from '0000' through '9999'.  Removing the checkmark restores Your Results to the sequence in which they were originally picked.
  • There's a 'Print' button in the pop-up window that displays 'Your Results'.  Print out 'Your Results' whenever you like.  Note: Internet Explorer® users can use the File Print option in the Results window's Menu Bar.
  • The results will keep accumulating until you either leave the Pick 4 screen or click on 'Reset All' (or there's no more available RAM memory in your computer).
The 'Fun Stuff' instructions for making imaginary wagers and developing Lottery strategies:
  • Time and again, we've read where most folks get their lottery numbers as 'Quick Picks' (or as they say in the UK, ('Lucky Dips').
  • What do you do when there's a certain 'hot' number, or a favorite number, or a 'lucky' number that you'd like to have show in each row of numbers on your 'Quick Picks'?.
  • What do you do when you'd like to eliminate (reject) some of the numbers from each row of your 'Quick Picks' because you're fairly certain that the numbers won't appear in the next drawing?
  • Welcome to Chux Ball Buster - A Lottery Number Picker!
    Now you can ..."have your cake..." (Quick Picks) "...and eat it, too!", i.e. (Preselect & Reject)
  • The 'Presections' button will let you preselect a number from any of the' Lucky Machines'.
    Let's say you want '2' to be the Thou (thousands) digit in every one of your Pick 4 numbers.  Click on 'Preselect'.  The 'Preselection' screen appears. 
    Under the 'Thou' chart, click on '2'.  The '2' changes color.
    Click the 'Update' button and the 'Preselection' screen disappears, but now your 'Preslection' of '2' appears under the Thou on main 'Pick 4' screen.
    Until you change that preselected '2', it will appear on every row (board), in the Thou position, of your 'Quick Picks'.
    To make the Preselection go away, click on the 'Preselection' button again.
    When the Preselections screen appears, click on the '2' in the 'Thou' chart, and the color turns back to neutral.
    Click on the 'Update' button and when the Preselection screen disappears, the '2' no longer shows on the main 'Pick 4' screen; and from now on should only appear in your 'Quick Picks' randomly.
    You can even preselect numbers from as many as three of the machines, but be aware that leaves only ten possible 4-digit number combinations. You should expect duplcate numbers more frequently as you fill out one or more cards.
  • If you really like that digit '2' in the Thou machine, but you'd like a '5' or a '7' to appear there once in awhile; but nothing else, then...
    For that you want to 'Reject' all the digits in the Thou machine except '2', '5', & '7'.
  • The 'Rejections' button will let you prevent the numbers you don't want from appearing in your 'Quick Picks'.  From each machine, you can reject up through 8 digits.  If you wanted to reject 9 digits from a machine, you might as well make a Preselection, right?
  • Both the Preselections and Rejections address the matter of how to 'Play' your Pick 4 Quick Picks.  Unless you preselect a particular 'Play' or reject one or more possible 'Play' types, Chux Ball Buster will randomly suggest a way to 'Play' each board on the card. If you wish, you can reject all 9 possible play types and the fourth column on your card will remain blank.  The explanations of the 9 different Play types are described below in the 'Typical instructions...'.
  • If you want to change Preselections and/or Rejections as you fill out a card, you can do it.  Only click 'Pick a Single Board' button, make your changes, and then click 'Pick a Single Board' button again.
  • If you have a card partially filled out, you can click the 'Fill Card with Picks' button to fill out the remainder of the card (with the machines honoring any Preselctions and/or Rejections).
  • If you like, you can 'Shuffle Thou, Hund, Tens, and Ones' to your heart's content. The digits are then selected from the shuffled numbers instead of a zero through nine sequence (and always honoring any preselections and/or rejections).  The 'Plays' get shuffled as well.
    Even the quantity of shuffles is a random number of times from 4 through 11.
  • You can undo the shuffle by clicking on 'Reset Thou, Hund, Tens, and Ones'.  The digits and Plays are restored back to their original sequence, minus any rejections you may have in effect at the time.
  • Important Note!  Don't confuse 'Reset Thou, Hund, Tens, and Ones' with clicking on 'Reset All' up in the menu bar.  'Reset Thou, Hund, Tens, and Ones' affects only the 4 machines. 'Reset All' restores the entire screen back to the condition when you first came to it.  'Reset All' clears out all your Preselections, Rejections, shuffles, and any cards (playslips). 'Reset All' also clears out any accumulations of filled out cards.  If you want to save your Pick 4 numbers, click on 'Your Results' to see the accumulation and either print them or 'copy and paste' them into a word processor to save for later.
  • The Fun Stuff:  'Preselections' and 'Rejections'. These are explained in more detail when you click on the 'About' button, up in the Menu Bar.
      NOTE: These two features are disabled for Internet Explorer®   Use Firefox® or Netscape® or Opera® instead!
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  • HAVE FUN!   And if you're wagering real money,  Remember to always play responsibily!
  • Although we continually test our software, there's nothing quite like a first-time user's uncanny ability to find the 'bugs'.  Please us if you have problems, questions, and/or comments.
Typical instructions found on the reverse side of playslips:
  • The more common card (playslip) format has 5 boards (panels); and you can choose to play from 1 through all 5 boards.
  • Each of the Pick 4 lottery machines contains 10 balls, each numbered with a different digit of 0 through 9.
  • Side Note:  The good ol' fashioned way for the Lottery to pick 4 digits, is from four 10-ball machines.  As time goes by, there seems to be a trend towards using computers with random number generators (RNG) to pick 4 digits.  But, Chux Ball Buster - A Lottery Number Picker will always be picking your lucky lottery numbers from 'virtual' ball machines.
  • There are 10,000 possible permutations(arrangements) for the four balls picked from the four machines, i.e. 0000 through 9999.
  • Most cards (playslips) offer 5 or more ways to play each Pick 4 number permutation:
    1. (ST) = Straight: match your 4 picked numbers in Exact Order Drawn. Chances are (1 in 10,000).
    2. (BX) = Box - for any board:
      • 4-Way:  Match your 4 picked numbers with triplicate digits in Any Order Drawn (i.e.: 1112)  Chances are 1 in 2,500.
      • 6-Way:  Match your 4 picked Numbers with 2 pairs of digits in Any Order Drawn (i.e.: 1122)  Chances are 1 in 666.67.
      • 12-Way:  Match your 4 picked numbers with 2 duplicate digits in Any Order Drawn (i.e.: 1123)  Chances are 1 in 833.33.
      • 24-Way:  Match your 4 picked numbers with no duplicate digits in Any Order Drawn (i.e.: 1234)  Chances are 1 in 416.67.
    3. (SB) = Straight/Box - for any board:
      • 4-Way: Match your 4 picked numbers in Exact Order Drawn (Chances are 1 in 10,000) or in Any Order Drawn (Chances are 1 in 2,500) with triplicate digits (i.e.: 1112).
      • 6-Way: Match your 4 picked numbers in Exact Order Drawn (Chances are 1 in 10,000) or in Any Order Drawn (Chances are 1 in 666.67) with 2 pairs of digits (i.e.: 1122).
      • 12-Way:  Match your 4 picked numbers in Exact Order Drawn (Chances are 1 in 10,000) or in Any Order Drawn (Chances are 1 in 833.33) with 2 duplicate digits (i.e.: 1123)
      • 24-Way: Match your 4 picked numbers in Exact Order Drawn (Chances are 1 in 10,000) or in Any Order Drawn (Chances are 1 in 416.67) with no duplicate digits ( i.e.: 1234).
    4. (F3) = Front Three - Match the the first 3 digits (starting from the left) in Exact Order Drawn  (Chances are 1 in 1,000).
    5. (B3) = Back Three - Match the last 3 digits (starting from the left) in Exact Order Drawn  (Chances are 1 in 1,000).
    6. (FP) = Front Pair - Match the the first 2 digits (starting from the left) in Exact Order Drawn  (Chances are 1 in 100).
    7. (MP) = Middle Pair - Match the the middle 2 digits (starting from the left) in Exact Order Drawn  (Chances are 1 in 100).
    8. (BP) = Back Pair - Match the the last 2 digits (starting from the left) in Exact Order Drawn  (Chances are 1 in 100).
    9. (CB) = Combo - In some states, it's termed a 'Wheel'.
      This type of wager provides the player with all possible permutations of the 4 digits being played for a potential Straight win. Combo wagers can cost from $2.00 to $24.00 depending on the numbers (digits) being played.
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