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A Year's Worth of Lottery Drawings in 12 Seconds?!?

There are times when you have been rather enthusiastic about playing in a Lottery, but wish the drawings were held a little more frequently.  Perhaps you should consider that a blessing in disguise. The less frequent the drawings, the less frequently you end up feeling like you are pouring your 'hard-earned' cash down the drain.

Here's your chance to play your favorite 5 or 6 Ball game at warp speed!  (Well, not quite that fast, but if a Lottery game is drawn twice a week (104 times per year), then you can cover a year in 12 seconds... daily (7 times per week, 365 times per year), you can compress a year into about 49 seconds.)

Start by selecting one of the Game Types in the dropdpwn list.  Next, (if you want to) enter the quantity of boards you play for a typical Lotto Drawing ( Change Drawn Balls after iterations).  You can leave it at zero and the first batch of Randomly Drawn Balls will stay the same throughout the Trial.  When you are ready to begin the Trial, click on the Do it! button.

The trial stops automatically when you've hit the Jackpot (when all the values of the Drawn Balls equal the Picked Numbers in the current batch/board) or when the quantity of iterations equals the Jackpot Odds.  You can deliberately stop the trial by clicking on the Stop button.

Will you learn anything by running Trials of Matching Drawn Lottery Balls with Picks?  You should... and very quickly, too!  These trials really drive home the point that the more outrageous the odds (especially odds over one in a million) the more unlikely (even when you bet a lot of boards per Drawing) you will hit the Jackpot.  That being said, perhaps you can recall the countless times someone buys a single lottery ticket and that lucky person wins the Jackpot.  Our suggestion for the Best Lottery Strategy... Play the Lottery, but Play Responsibly.

You may have noticed 5 balls from 12 & 6 balls from 12 in the Game Types.  They are included in the Match Trials just so you can see the huge difference odds have in determining a match.  If you are going to run some trials, be good to yourself & run these low odds (1 in 792 & 1 in 924) Game Types.  What is especially interesting in the 6 balls from 12 game, is that the expected percent chance of hitting the Jackpot is exactly the same as having zero matches.  Likewise, the percentages are identical for 1 & 5 matches, and 2 & 4 matches!


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