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Welcome to our selection of Lottery Analyzers!

For your pleasure, delectation, strategy development, leisure pastime, etc., here is a variety of programmes, FREE programs, designed to assist you in your Lottery play and investigation.

Please note that there is no time wasted with registration and/or software downloads.  Enjoy!

Your Picked Numbers Analyzer

It examines your list of numbers that you have picked (and may have played) in a wide variety of Lotto Game types.

While it's easy enough to examine your playslip for the winners if you have wagered just a few boards, this analyzer is extremely useful for long lists of picked numbers.  If you use it to compare your Picks with the Drawn Ball numbers, it will indicate the matching numbers and produce a Table of Matches & a Table of Frequencies.

Drawn (Winning) Number Analyzer

It examines your lists of Drawn (Winning) Ball numbers and then produces a variety of reports showing Ball frequencies and Games-Since-Drawn data.  You can tailor the report by adding a custom Title, choose to include/exclude your Drawn number list, choose to show the Numbers in Ball Number Sequence and/or in Frequency & Games-Since-Drawn Sequence.

You also have the option to show Tables only, Graphs only, or a combination of both Tables & Graphs.
Rejection Trial Analyzer

Isn't it amazing how good you are at picking Lotto Numbers that are NOT drawn!

This little programming gem simulates many Lottery drawings and shows the effect of rejecting some Ball Numbers prior to creating your list of Picked Numbers.  It also includes a brief commentary on the usefullness(?) of Lottery Wheels.

Lottery Odds Calculator

Just how outrageous are those Lottery Odds?!?

It computes the odds and possible combinations for winning the big Jackpot as well as the odds & combos for the lesser prizes.  It also has a Permutations Calculator that is terrific for comparing how much greater a Permutation is than a Combination.  You do know the difference don't you?  Here's our explanation.  The Lottery Odds Calculator computes for:

  • Basic lottery game types like X Balls Drawn from a machine containing Y Balls.
  • Bonus type Lotto games where besides the basic X Balls are drawn from a set of Y Balls, a Bonus Ball is also drawn.
  • Extra type Lotto games (like Powerball, Mega Millions, California Super Lotto Plus, etc.), where Balls are drawn from two (2) Lottery machines.

Remember to always play responsibly!

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