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For your pleasure, delectation, leisure, pastime activity, etc., here is a variety of applications that are designed to assist you in your Lottery play, investigation, and lottery strategy development.

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Picked Numbers Analyzers
( Did I Win? )

Examine your list of numbers that you have picked (and may have played) in a wide variety of Lotto Game types.

While it's easy enough to examine your playslip for the winners if you have wagered just a few boards, this analyzer is extremely useful for longer lists of picked numbers.

Use these analyzers to compare your Picked Numbers with the Drawn Numbers, i.e. the 'winning numbers'.

These Picked Number analyzers show which of your Picks match the Drawn numbers, and produce a series of tables indicating matching numbers and Picked number frequencies.

The Double-Digit Balls analyzer examines most 5 Ball games, 6 Ball games, and games with a Bonus ball, or the Megaball or the Powerball.

Drawn Numbers Analyzers
(the winning numbers)

Examine your lists of Drawn (Winning) Ball numbers and then produce a variety of reports showing Ball number Frequencies and Games-Since-Drawn data.

These are the analyzers that show you the hot numbers, the cold numbers and the relationships of all the numbers inbetween!

You can tailor the report by adding a custom Title, choose to include/exclude your Drawn number list, choose to show the Numbers in Ball Number Sequence and/or in Frequency & Games-Since-Drawn Sequence.

You also have the option to show Tables only, Graphs only, or a combination of both Tables & Graphs.
Lottery Odds Calculator

Just how outrageous are those Lottery Odds?!?

It computes the odds and possible combinations for winning the big Jackpot as well as the odds & combos for the lesser prizes.  It also has a Permutations Calculator that is terrific for comparing how much greater a Permutation is than a Combination.  You do know the difference don't you?  Here's our explanation.  The Lottery Odds Calculator computes for:

  • Basic lottery game types like X Balls Drawn from a machine containing Y Balls.
  • Bonus type Lotto games where besides the basic X Balls are drawn from a set of Y Balls, a Bonus Ball is also drawn.
  • Extra ball Lotto games (like Powerball, Mega Millions, California Super Lotto Plus, etc.), where Balls are drawn from two (2) Lottery machines.
Rejection Trial Analyzer

Isn't it amazing how good you are at picking Lotto Numbers that are NOT drawn!

This little programming gem simulates many Lottery drawings and shows the effect of rejecting some Ball Numbers prior to creating your list of Picked Numbers.  It also includes a brief commentary on the usefullness(?) of Lottery Wheels.

Match Trials

Compress a year into 12 seconds.

You get to see Lottery Drawing Outcomes for twice-a-week drawings and daily drawings.

Realistically see how long it might take if you played the same numbers drawing-after-drawing.

Be sure to try one of the simpler games where you only have to pick 5 ball numbers out of 12.

Roll Dice

Simulated Rolling dice.

Do previously Drawn or Rolled numbers have anything to do with future Draws or Rolls?

There will always be the person who is determined to win "the big one" by judiciously studying the values of the ball numbers in previous drawings.

In a game where the odds are 1 in 36, is it possible to accurately predict the outcome of the next roll?  Even if you know what all the previous rolls have been?

Number List Formatter
(useful for most any list)

Our Lottery Number Analyzers are rather particular about the format of number lists that people want to analyze.

Copy and Paste your Drawn or Picked number lists into the Number List Formatter.  It will help you prepare a nice, neat list of just lottery numbers that can then be copied & pasted into the analyzer of your choice.

It eliminates dates, tabs, text, & punctuation.  It will add zeroes where necessary for the double-digit ball games.

It can change the format of a list from:

(a Powerball example ):
23 Jan 2016   Saturday   1, 2, 13, 37, 55  PB: 19
20 Jan 2016   Wednesday  7, 22, 23, 42, 52  PB: 23

    - changes  the  format  to -
01 02 13 37 55 19
07 22 23 42 49 23

(a Pick 4 example)
23 January 2016    Saturday  midday  1-3-0-2
23 January 2016    Saturday  evening  9-2-9-7

    - changes  the  format  to -
1 3 0 2
9 2 9 7

Compare Two Lists

Find numbers that appear in one list that also apppear in another similar list.

You can compare list-by-list, row-by-row, or number-by-number.