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How to Use A Lottery Number Picker

   How to Use (& Enjoy)
A Lottery Number Picker
... and end up a bit wiser
& perhaps a bit wealthier!

Things to do

  • Bookmark this page or the Menu Page or the Home Page into your Favorites folder.
  • Look up the latest Winning Lottery Numbers by clicking on the 'Lottery Results' button on the Menu Bar.
  • Use the Menu Page to get to all the various games by States and by Balls in a Game
  • Play for Fun!  Generate long lists of numbers just to see what would have happened if you did wager $100 or so.
  • You can use the 'Pick a Single Board' button to fill out the card one board(panel/line/row) at a time.
  • To completely fill the card with your Picks, just click the 'Fill Card with Picks' button.
  • If you want to get more than a full card you can click on the 'Pick per Set Up' to set-up how many boards(lines/panels/rows) will be picked.
  • Suppose you want to pick every number for the least amount of money.  Clicking on the 'Matrix' button lets you do this.  If your game of choice is to pick 5 from 40 ball numbers, then you will get 8 boards(panels/lines/rows) of 5 numbers in each board. (40 divided by 5 = 8).

    If your game of choice is one where the quantity of ball numbers per board doesn't evenly divide into the total quantity of balls, like 6 balls from 49, the 'Matrix' button will enable you to get 8 boards and then you can decide what you want to do with the 1 unpicked ball number.  You get to abandon the unpicked ball or you can create a 9th board using the leftover ball and re-use 5 of the previously picked balls.  Or you can Reject one specific ball number so that the Matrix will only consider 48 of the 49 balls.  Pretty neat, if I say so myself!
  • Every time you fill out a board(panel), the results are stored away for you to print later on.
  • Click on the 'Your Results' button to get a timestamped list with a Summary Table.
  • You can use the 'Reset All' button to start over fresh.
  • You can generate really long lists of lottery numbers. The limits for how many cards (playslips) you can fill out in one session have yet to be determined, but are probably restricted by the amount of RAM memory in your computer.  If you determine the limit for your computer, just generate a few cards less than the limit, print out the results (or cut and paste the results into your word processor program), click on ''Reset All' and start another list.
  • All Lottery Number Picker pages will let you 'Preselect' one or more ball numbers so that they will appear in every board you pick.  For example, if you 'Preselect' the number 23, and you pick 10 or so boards, then every board(panel/line/row) will have a 23 in it.  This is great for those situations where you are really certain about 1 (or more) number(s). You 'Preselect' your special number and then go about picking numbers using the 'Pick a Single Board' button, or the 'Fill Card with Picks' button, or the 'Pick per Set Up' button.
  • All Lottery Number Picker pages will let you 'Reject' one or more ball numbers so that they will not appear in any board you pick.  For example, if you 'Reject' the numbers 02, 04, 06, 08, etc. then they won't appear on any board(panel/line/row) as you go about getting your (winning?!?) numbers.
    Successful Rejections really improve the odds in your favor!.
  • A Lottery Number Picker has analyzers for the numbers you have Picked and analyzers for the numbers Drawn by the lottery.  These analyzers show matching ball numbers and a variety of tables and graphs of Frequency and Games-Since-Drawn.
  • There are several other utilities such as 'Rejection Trials', 'Rolling Dice', 'Formatting Number Lists', etc.
  • One of the more popular utilities is the 'Odds Calculator'. It not only shows a breakdown of the odds for each prize category but also shows the per cent chances of winning and not-winning  Check it out when you can.
  • Some of the buttons generate Pop-Up windows to display Lottery Number Picker information (not advertisements or other sneaky stuff!).  If your browser prevents you from opening Pop-Up windows, you might want to override that feature while you are using A Lottery Number Picker.
  • We recommend Firefox® as the best (it's Free, too) browser for enjoying your visit to A Lottery Number Picker.
  • Take a peek at our 'Notes' Page from time-to-time.  It's about as close to a Lottery Blog as we care to get.  Ol' Lucky Buck presents his thoughts, opinions, and notions about Lottery Odds, Lottery Wheels, and so on.
  • If you need help or have other questions, want to make a comment or share a story, please send an email to us.

A Lottery Number Picker Features

  • 'More than just a Random Number Generator'  The Lottery Number Picker machines really do pick the ball numbers from a virtual 'bin'.  Just as if you were picking a number from a hat filled with unique numbers, there's not a chance that you can pick the same number twice.  When you go back to pick numbers for the next board(panel), all the numbers are pumped back into the virtual 'bin'.
  • 'Menu'  Comprehensive lists of Lottery Game-types arranged by Country or State or by Ball Numbers in a particular game-type.
  • 'Lottery Results'  Get the results from official lottery web sites.  No web site should be more up-to-date and accurate than the official one.
  • 'Notes'  A collection of opinions & tales from our roving raconteur, ol' Lucky Buck.  Be sure to take a peek at Those Incredible Odds!
  • 'Odds'  Quickly calculate odds for almost every drawn-ball lottery.
    Included are how your odds are reduced by playing multiple boards & how many combinations there are for each winnig tier.
  • 'Site Map'  A special menu of every available page on our web site.  Some pages listed there are accessable from no other menu.
  • 'Multiple Cards'  You can fill out more than one Card(playslip).  After one card is filled, another blank one appears.  All the cards are available by clicking on the 'Your Results' button (providing you don't exit the current screen or click on 'Reset All').
  • 'Your Results'  When you've picked one or more boards(panels) on a card(playslip) you can click on 'Your Results' to get a pop-up window, suitable for printing or cutting and pasting into your word processor. Each time you open the Pop-Up window there will be a current Timestamp, a list of all the boards you've filled-out, and a Summary Table showing the frequency of which numbers were selected, including a line designating Average Frequency.
  • 'Print This Window' button: Works as intended with the Firefox® browser.  Internet Explorer® users should right-click on the window and select Print from the drop-down menu.
  • 'Reject' button: You can eliminate 1 or more numbers from appearing in your picks.  This feature has a dramatic effect on lowering odds.
  • 'Preselect' button: You can force 1 or more favorite numbers to appear on each board(panel) along with randomly picked numbers.
  • 'Shuffle':  We've proven to ourselves that shuffling the balls will not increase/decrease the randomness with which the balls are selected, but, that being stated, you may shuffle the balls around as often as you like. Each shuffle 'shakes-'em-up' anywhere from 4 to 11 times.
  • 'Reset Machine' button:  Lets you undo any shuffles you may have made and restores the numbers in the machine to lowest-to-highest numeric sequence (less any Rejections).
  • 'Reset All' button:  Restores everything on the page back to a fresh beginning.  If you have generated some picks, you will be given an opportunity to view them in the 'Your Results' pop-up window before everything is reset.
  • 'Odds'  Shows the odds that the drawn numbers will match your picked numbers.  Within the Odds pop-up window is a 'Calculate' button that will let you see how the odds change by picking more boards(lines/panels/rows).
  • 'Summary Table'  is a running tally of your picked numbers.
    If the game for which you are making picks has more than one set of numbered balls, like Powerball (5 balls from 69 plus 1 ball from another set of 26), then there are two Summary Tables.
  • 'Average Occurrence'  Shows how many times any ball number should be appearing in the Summary Table.  The average is unaffected by any numbers you may have Preselected or Rejected.
    If the game for which you are making picks has more than one set of numbered balls, like Powerball, then two Average Occurrences are shown, one for the main machine, one for the Extra Ball machine.
  • 'Played as the following'  Beneath each card(playslip) is one or more links to the official website(s) for more information about the game-type currently on your screen.
  • 'Set Up'  Almost all game machines have a 'Set Up' button.  It lets you predetermine how many cards(playslips) and/or boards(panels) you want; and then, after you indicated how many boards you want, the clicking on the 'Pick per Set Up'' button changes to show how many boards you will pick.

    Clicking on the revised button now will start the process.

    The number on the 'Pick per Set Up'' button counts down as each new board is picked.

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