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Chux Drawn Lottery Ball Number Analyzer features the following (printable) report items:
  • Table of Frequency with expected Average Occurrence
  • Table of Ball Numbers indicating Games-Since-Drawn
  • Frequency Graph showing Most Frequently Drawn through Least Drawn.
  • Games-Since-Drawn Graph showing how many drawings have elapsed since any particular Ball Number has been drawn.
  • You have the choice of getting your reports in Ball Number Sequence or in Frequency & Games-Since-Drawn (GSD) Sequence.
The Analyzer will verify that your entered numbers fall within the range of the Minimum & Maximum Ball Numbers per your selected game.

Note:  The Analyzer will also verify that your list breaks down into some multiple of how many Balls are selected during a drawing, i.e. 5 or 6 balls times the quantity of Drawn Balls.

  • Select a Lottery Game Type.
  • Enter your list of Drawn Balls (the 'Winners', the list of Winning Ball Numbers).  You need to enter a list with at least two (2) drawings worth of numbers.  NOTE:  Be certain that your list contains only Ball numbers; and that the single-digit Ball numbers are preceded with a zero (0).


  • The numbers at the top of your list are assumed to be the most recent drawing; the numbers at the bottom are assumed to be the oldest drawing.  This is important only if you are concerned with the Games-Since-Drawn features. If your list is from the oldest to the most recent (top down), then the Games-Since-Drawn values will be reversed. (Your 'HOT' numbers will actually be your 'COLD' numbers.
  • There are three (3) Checkboxes for you to select what you want to print on the report.  Feel free to experiment to your heart's content!  Change a Checkbox or two, then run the report again and again.
  • Likewise, there are three (3) Radio Buttons that determine how you want the report sequenced.  Again experiment as many times as you like without having to re-enter your list of winning lottery numbers.
  • If you plan on printing out your report and would like to add a descriptive title, such as the range of drawing dates, etc., there is a text area just below the number-list text area.
  • See List Hints (to the right) for a sample list to experiment with.
  • Click the 'BEGIN' Button and have a 'Ball' ~grin~.
Select a Lottery Game Type:

Enter (paste) your list of numbers:

Your list needs to be in decending date order, i.e., the most recent drawing will be at the top of your list and the oldest drawing you are considering, will be at the bottom.

DO NOT include Drawing Dates!
... or anything but Drawn Ball Numbers.

Single-digit numbers MUST be preceeded by a zero!

Include Drawn Ball list in Report: 
Frequency & G-S-D Tables: 
Alternate Tables: 
Frequency & G-S-D Graphs: 
Ball Number Sequence: 
Freq. & G-S-D Sequence: 
All Sequences: 
List of Drawn Ball Numbers Text Area:
Optional:  Type a Title for the following report into the appropriate Text Area: Report Title's Text Area:

"Luck is when preparation meets opportunity."

Chux Drawn Lottery Ball Number Analyzer from A Lottery Number Picker.

This Lottery & Lotto Number Analyzer will examine your list of Drawn (Winning) Ball numbers and analyze them and then produce a report which you can print or simply view on your screen.

After almost anybody has played the Lottery for a while, they usually begin to wonder about which are the "HOT" numbers, that is, the numbers that come up most often or numbers that repeat frequently.

Likewise, Lotto players, analysts, strategists, etc. like to know which are the "COLD" numbers, i.e. the numbers most seldom drawn and alledgedly, the numbers that are "DUE" to make an appearance in the next Drawing.

The report a shows variety of tables and graphs indicting the Frequency of the Ball Numbers & Games-Since-Drawn, all from the list you provide.

An important caveat here...  Lottery Balls (and random numbers generated by Lottery computer programs) are as dumb as a sack-full of hammers!  Lotto numbers lack any sense of duty or obligation, they have neither conscience nor consciousness; and therefore come into the Winning Drawn Ball rack as randomly as can be.

That being said, if any of our Analyzer programmes assist you in winning the Jackpot, then congratulations to you!  And if you feel such a feeling of gratitude that you want to share your winnings with me, ol' Lucky Buck, then cash is always welcome . ~grin~

Here's wishing you the best of Luck!

Questions?  Comments?

If you are experiencing difficulties using our Lottery Number Analyzer, please send in an email, the number list you are using, along with any of the Drawn numbers/balls, and the Game Type (like 5 of 39, etc.) and any other comments, questions, or suggestions you may have.

Hints for formatting your list of Drawn Lottery Ball Numbers

Your list of Drawn Lottery Ball Numbers that you type or paste into the List's Text Area should be just numbers.  Commas, dashes (hyphens), or white space inbtween the numbers is acceptable; but DO NOT include Drawing Dates.  Your list of Drawn numbers is most likely a consecutive series of drawings (at least it should be!).  If you want to indicate a range of Drawing Dates on the report, (or whatever commentary you wish), put that information in the Report Title's text area.

Note: Single digit numbers like 1, 2, 3, etc. must be prefaced with a zero, i.e., 01, 02, 03, etc.

Here is a sample list for a "6 balls from 49" game:

01 05 10 23 35 49
05 06 13 18 19 22
04 08 15 16 35 38
08 14 22 28 45 47
19 22 23 31 39 47
01 08 09 12 34 39
03 22 29 38 42 44
21 22 23 31 32 42
11 30 36 38 39 43
02 04 05 11 34 40
02 03 08 10 20 31
03 08 23 28 38 39
06 16 17 25 27 44
13 14 21 37 40 44
05 10 22 23 37 49
31 32 35 38 43 48
17 19 34 35 39 49
12 15 16 27 31 32
01 09 10 23 43 45
07 08 13 19 26 41
21 24 25 36 42 49
05 14 17 28 29 42
05 11 17 33 34 47
14 16 26 27 33 39
12 27 33 34 35 49
07 11 23 32 41 43
Give 'em a try by Copying then Pasting the list into the Text Area!

Remember to always play responsibly!

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