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Card 01
How to Pick Your Lucky Numbers
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+ Tennessee Cash
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Number Frequencies
for 0 Boards
01=0 11=0 21=0 31=0
02=0 12=0 22=0 32=0
03=0 13=0 23=0 33=0
04=0 14=0 24=0 34=0
05=0 15=0 25=0 35=0
06= 0 16=0 26=0
07= 0 17=0 27=0
08=0 18=0 28=0
09=0 19=0 29=0
10=0 20=0 30=0
Average Occurrence = 0.00
Number Frequencies
for 0 Boards
01 =0
02 =0
03 =0
04 =0
05 =0
Average Occurrence = 0.00

Lucky Tennessee Cash Basic Instuctions:
'How to Pick your Lucky Numbers'

  • Some interchangeable words:  Card = Playslip,    Board = Panel = Row
  • There are four (4) basic ways to get your numbers:
    • Click the 'Pick a Single Board' button.
    • Click the 'Fill Card with Picks' button
    • Click the 'Pick per Set Up' button after you have clicked the 'Set Up' button in the blue menu bar up top
    • Click the 'Matrix' button to pick each number at least one time.
  • When a Card is filled out/up, and you are going to get more Boards, the Lucky Number Picker Machine automatically starts a fresh Card.
  • Click on 'Your Results' whenever you like to see the accumulation of your Tennessee Cash picks.  Hint:  Copy & Paste the Results into a word processor file (Word Pad works very well!), using a mono-spaced type-font like Courier.  After the Lotto Drawing, Copy the picked number list out of the word processor file and Paste it into our amazing Picked Lottery Number Analyzer!
  • There's a 'Print' button in the pop-up window that displays 'Your Results'.  Print out 'Your Results' whenever you like. The results will keep accumulating until you either leave the Tennessee Cash screen or click on 'Reset All' (or there's no more available RAM memory in your computer).
  • The Fun Stuff:  'Preselections' and 'Rejections'. These are explained in more detail when you click on the 'About' button, up in the Menu Bar.

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