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5 balls from 34

Card 01
How to Pick Your Lucky Numbers
instructions below & to the right .

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+ VA  Ca$h 5
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Lucky 5 of 34 Machine
Number Frequencies
for 0 Boards
01=0 13=0 25=0
02=0 14=0 26=0
03=0 15=0 27=0
04=0 16=0 28=0
05=0 17=0 29=0
06= 0 18=0 30=0
07= 0 19=0 31=0
08=0 20=0 32=0
09=0 21=0 33=0
10=0 22=0 34=0
11=0 23=0
12=0 24=0
Average Occurrence = 0.00



Pick 5 of 34 Basic Instuctions:
'How to Pick your Lucky Numbers'

  • Some interchangeable words:  Card = Playslip,    Board = Panel = Row
  • There are four (4) basic ways to get your numbers:
    - Click the 'Pick a Single Board' button.
    - Click the 'Fill Card with Picks' button.
    - Click the 'Pick per Set Up' button after you have clicked the 'Set Up' button in the blue menu bar up top.
    - Click the 'Matrix' button to pick each number at least one time.
    - The four (4) basic ways to get your numbers are explained in more detail when you click on the 'About' button, up in the Menu Bar.
  • When a Card is filled out/up, and you are going to get more Boards, the Lucky Number Picker Machine automatically starts a fresh Card.
  • Click on 'Your Results' whenever you like to see the accumulation of your 5 of 34 picks.
    Hint:  Copy & Paste 'Your Results' into a word processor file (Word Pad works very well!),
    - Use a mono-spaced type-font like Courier so that the numbers line up nicely.
    - Create (if you haven't done so already) a folder named "lotteryPicks".
    - Save the file with a name like "534_ +(today's date)+ .doc".
      For example:  "534_.doc"

    After the Lotto Drawing:
    - Open your saved file.
    - Select and Copy just the picked number list (with the Card Numbers & Letters).
    - Paste it into our amazing Picked Lottery Number Analyzer!
  • There's a 'Print' button in the pop-up window that displays 'Your Results'.
    - Print out 'Your Results' whenever you like.
    - The results will keep accumulating until you either
          leave the Lucky 5 from 34 screen
          click on 'Reset All'.
  • The Fun Stuff:  'Preselections' and 'Rejections'.
    These are explained in more detail when you click on the 'About' button, up in the Menu Bar.

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